Three different Cryptic Cargo Christmas parties

The portable escape games from Cryptic Cargo function great as program for a company Christmas party. The portable game concept is completely unique in the Finnish escape game market and allows even more than you would expect. In this blog post, we’ll tell you about three different occasions that Cryptic Cargo’s mobile escape room games make possible. Learn more about what kind of stunning adventures Cryptic Cargo Escape room games allow – and why they are just the right program for the Pre-Christmas team building!

Escape rooms are a great program for virtually all team building. Escape games are often also popular and desirable among the workforce. The different tasks that require logical reasoning will take advantage of different players’ different problem-solving and logical reasoning abilities, so that in general, each player succeeds in solving something during the game. Games do not require physical durability, so anyone regardless of physical condition can join a game.

Cryptic Cargo is an awesome option as your organization’s escape room experience as they allow flexibility, are great for team building and offer a wide variety of possible occasions to be used in. Cryptic Cargo can be used for team building starting for a small team of just a few people, but we can also easily organize a game package that allows more teams to play at the same time. Cryptic Cargo is even ideal for a big, company-wide Christmas celebration.

Small group’s team building

Even the smallest teams deserve awesome team building program! The portable escape room from Cryptic Cargo is an awesome activity as the team building program for a small team, because even just a team of two people is big enough to play – and the cost of the escape game won’t get too high for a little team. One day of Cryptic Cargo costs the same as one hour in a traditional escape room.

Game settings can also be easily edited, and you can play the escape game even without time. Read more about the advanced game settings here.

Portable escape room for bigger teams

Like for a small team, the portable escape game works great for a bigger team too. The bigger team can be divided into smaller groups that can solve the escape room with each other. There are several game suitcases available for the same escape game, so the bigger group can escape at the same time at different places at the event location or office. For example, any meeting room is ideal for playing the game.

One game fits up to 7 players at a time, so by ordering several games, you can simultaneously reach nearly 50 players. * When teams have played the same game, they will continue to talk about the game, and you can e.g. continue your program with meal or other activity. We promise that the teams who played the same game will also have to talk to each other, not just within their team!

* If you are interested in an even bigger group playing at the same time – send us a message so we will definitely fix a suitable event for you.

The escape room as an extra program for a big corporate-wide event

Cryptic Cargo is also a great addition for a large Christmas party for an entire organization or for any other big event. All event participants are rarely equally enthusiastic about playing an escape room game, although they are generally very liked. For example, you can use pre-registration to give you the game spots to teams who actually want to play during the evening: This will make all participants see that you are investing in the program, but that you also give everyone the freedom to choose.

Our portable escape games work in any space and several games can be ordered to the same event. If you want to, you can order game masters who will be able to take care of the games throughout the event – take the players to the gaming areas, reassemble the games between the teams, and hold a leaderboard for the event. You only need the suitable playing areas for the games – for example a separate room for every game. For example, a meeting room is very suitable for this purpose – the only requirement for playing the game is some sort of table on which the game can be solved.

Escape game championship between teams

For the first time in Finland, you have a chance to get a hold of standardized gaming scores for your escape games: The in-app algorithm of the Cryptic Cargo escape room application gives each team a score based on used hints, time, and solutions. Because the tips are the same for everyone, the score is also truly fair for every team! Scores can be collected in a common high score list. which can be collected throughout several events!

Portable Escape games are flexible

Our portable escape room games also bring other benefits compared to traditional escape rooms. Why not even take a beer or take a team of pictures during the game? During the game of Cryptic Cargo, you have the permission to eat, drink and photograph. If you wish, the escape game can be played even without playing time, or the time settings can be modified to otherwise suit the occasion better: if you have a rush after the game, you can set the game to end at the end of the game time, but if you can wait a little longer, the game time can be set to continue until the game is solved – so that everyone surely has as much fun as possible.

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