Advanced gameplay

Cryptic Cargo is all about customization and experiencing the escape room the way you want. The Cryptic Cargo app has perfect settings designed for each game as a default, but if you want to change any of them, just press the settings icon on the starting screen to enjoy the game the way you want!  

Choose the settings icon in the top right corner of the app to customize your game the way you want! 

Different ways of playing

The advanced settings make it possible to enjoy your escape game experience in various different ways

Longer time for chill play or smaller group

The settings give you the opportunity to change the game time to fit for your team. Generally, if you are only one or two people, we recommend a slightly longer game time. This can also be nice if you just want to take it easier, or don’t particularly like a huge stress about running out of time.

Change the game time setting to adjust the time. 

Continue the game after game time runs out

Many times the worst thing about an escape room is that you don’t get to solve it until the end. With Cryptic Cargo this is not a problem! You can choose to have the game continue after the primary game time ends, to give you the best experience possible. 

You can change this setting by switching Continue after time has ended on or off.

Play without time for that ultimate escape game evening

You can also decide to skip the time-stress altogether by playing your escape game without time. In this alternative you will not have a clock in the game view, but you still get a score according to your time and used hints. Playing an escape room without time can be the best alternative when you really want to think about the puzzles, or if you want to play an escape room but take it easy at the same time. 

You can change this setting by switching Play without time on and off.

Play without music

Sometimes you might just want to have some peace and quiet. The changing soundtrack for the game is carefully selected to complement your experience, but you can turn the music off in the advanced settings if you want. 

Turn off the game music in the advanced settings.

New settings will be added in the future to make playing even more customizable. We hope you’ll enjoy your game with the settings you choose! 

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