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Welcome to the future of escape rooms

What if you could bring an escape room experience anywhere you wanted to? Cryptic Cargo is the first truly portable and self-controlled escape room experience in the world.

It combines a ready-to-play escape room, packed in an easily movable suitcase, and a mobile app that helps players by providing hints. The app also complements the experience with interactive clues, tasks and an immersive soundscape. Now you choose where, when and how you want to play!

An escape room in a suitcase

The Cryptic Cargo escape game suitcase is easily movable, and includes everything needed for a full-fledged escape room experience. In practice this means physical items, locks and containers like in any other escape room. The items are ready for you as you receive them, just open the bag and play! If you want to add extra immersion, you can also place the game items to your preferred game area before the game.

The games work perfectly as a team building activity, program for a pre-Christmas party, bachelor or bachelorette party or why not a birthday party!


The app

The Cryptic Cargo escape room app functions as a dashboard for anything and everything needed for a great escape game experience. It provides the players with a changing soundscape, a timer and interactive clues and tasks. With the app, the players get hints whenever they feel like they need them as well as instructions on how to play, and how to build the game up again if needed. With the app, it is possible to even change the settings of the game and choose to play the way you want!

The app is available in English and Finnish.


Amazing extras

The gaming experience arrives to you with a ready to play gaming tablet or phone, and a JBL®  portable speaker that provides a powerful room-filling high-quality sound to your experience.

Developed and built in Finland

Cryptic Cargo is a completely Finnish innovation, born in the Punavuori district in Helsinki. The games are first of its kind in the whole world. Our escape room games are now available all over Finland!

Available in Helsinki and all over Finland

You can now play our games all over Finland! You can book all your events and games anywhere in Finland through our home page.

Additionally, Cryptic Cargo portable escape room games are available in Turku, Pori, Rauma and Keski-Uusimaa area (Hyvinkää, Tuusula, Järvenpää, Nurmijärvi, Sipoo, Vihti, Kerava) through our amazing partners. Click your location below!  

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Our portable escape room games

The Outbreak

Our biggest portable game (75cm)

2-7 players, Ages 10+

Playtime ~1,5h

Great reviews from e.g.!

The Countdown

Medium sized game

2-5 players, Ages 10+

Total playtime ~40-60 min

Fast to rebuild

Finals game from Finnish Escape game championships 2021!


For big groups (50+) or remote gaming

1-5 players, Ages 10+

Total playtime 60-90 min

Unlimited amount of teams

Tailored to your specific needs


How it works (in 1 minute)

You can keep the game as long as you need

The first day of The Outbreak costs 120€, additional days are 60€/day. You can rebuild and play the game as many times as you want and need during your booking!

So easy you don’t need a game master

Playing Cryptic Cargo games at your location is very simple, and you can enjoy playing without any outside help or supervision! Everything needed in the game arrives in the suitcase. To make it even easier to start the game, the game suitcase itself includes instructions on how the app works, and about the short and easy preparations before the game.

Before starting a game, the app will guide you through instructional videos about playing and the game at hand, so anyone even with no knowledge of escape games can play with ease!

How to start a game

Our players say

An ingenious game

The game offers a challenge and makes the players hooked so that one doesn’t even feel the need for a physical room. Perfect for an evening with friends or colleagues! 

Maija, 35 years

Effing thrilling

I can’t even describe how enstein we felt when we solved some of the puzzles! The game had a great combination of different kinds of problems to solve. 

Mattias, 30 years

Great even for a first-timer

As a first-timer I felt it was really nice that there was so much to do during the game. The first puzzles went completely over my head, but I learned a lot
while playing and by the end I had managed to solve several by myself and feel accomplished.

Jessica, 28 years

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Cryptic Cargo in media

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This makes cryptic cargo special 

Cryptic Cargo games include everyone

The unique concept of Cryptic Cargo makes escape rooms truly available to everyone. Some people can feel anxiety from the prospect of being locked inside a room, while others can experience difficulties or be entirely unable to move around a room that is not handicap-accessible. A Cryptic Cargo experience includes no locked rooms, so that even the most anxious individuals can partake wholly in the experience. Cryptic Cargo escape room games can be played on any surface, so they are ideal options for the disabled.

Cryptic Cargo has been played by everything from Escape Room first-timers to seasoned veterans, and has been universally liked by all. The various problems and puzzles require highly differing forms of problem solving and analytical thinking, which means every single player will feel valuable during the experience.

You choose how you want to play

When playing Cryptic Cargo, you are completely in control of your experience. You can play where, when and how ever you want. All Cryptic Cargo games come with carefully planned default settings, but you can always change or disable the game time, additional time and game sound if you want.

During your experience you can eat and drink, use your phone and even take photos as much as you want, you choose!

*Please don’t share solutions to puzzles online to ensure a great experience for everyone

Play as many times you want without extra cost

When you rent Cryptic Cargo, you will get the game to yourself for a whole day (up to 26 hours). During this time, you are allowed to play the game as many times as you want: the app will provide simple instructions on how to build the game up again.

This means you can divide your friends and play in smaller teams, or even one by one to see who is the escape room champion! You can also easily host an escape room at your party or special event where as many teams as you want will have time to play.

Make any occasion amazing

Cryptic Cargo is excellent entertainment for all occasions: parties, team-building or get-togethers. Are you in Helsinki? Order the suitcase to your hotel and enjoy the thrill of escaping after sightseeing!

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