Corporate events love cryptic cargo

Cryptic Cargo escape room games are the perfect solution to any corporate event from small team building sessions to huge events.

The games offer flexibility without compromising immersion and the true escape room feeling. The games can be taken anywhere, anytime and played as many times as needed. 

Cryptic Cargo events are amazing

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Enjoy the unique features of Cryptic Cargo

Cryptic Cargo games offer even more than regular escape rooms in regards of team building; playing the same game in separate groups creates discussion between groups unlike any other escape rooms where players usually play different games.  

The teams can play without any supervision and it’s allowed to eat and drink during the games (although few want to put the game down after starting). 

How to create the perfect event for you

Creating the right Cryptic Cargo experience for your team or audience is simple: just choose how many games you need and how much extra help is appreciated.

Please send us an inquiry with the contact form at the bottom of this page and we will be happy to assist you in creating the best package for you, as well as provide ideas for your event! 

A tip: If you already know what you need, and don’t need game masters to your event, you can also get the games straight from the store!

Go to store!

1. Choose the amount of games

Cryptic Cargo games arrive conveniently in easily movable suitcases and contain one ready-to-play game, game tablet and speaker each. If you want to host several games at the same time, you can choose the amount of suitcases to accommodate your needs: right now up to 6 suitcases can be rented at the same time, which means six separate teams and up to 40 players simultaneously! 

You get the game suitcase for the whole day, and it can be rebuilt and played several times. 

The price of a single suitcase, including sound and game tablet is 109,90€ + VAT. 

2. Choose the amount of extra help

You can order game masters to help you host the escape rooms in your location! They can help with anything you need during the event, e.g.

  • manage the physical games throughout the event, including rebuilding between games
  • answer any questions, give a presentation on solving escape rooms and tell about Cryptic Cargo to the attendees

The amount of game masters to your event varies according to your needs, and we are always happy to assist you to find the right solution for your event. Game mastering costs 60€ + VAT /hour

Send us an enquiry

We are happy to assist you in creating the greatest corporate event for your team or audience! Just fill in the event information you have at the moment and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!