What is Cryptic Cargo?

Cryptic Cargo makes Finland’s most exciting portable escape room games. Cryptic Cargo games combine a ready-to-play escape room, packed in an easily movable suitcase, and a mobile app that helps players by providing hints. The app also complements the experience with interactive clues, tasks and an immersive soundscape. You can play escape room games wherever you want! On top of our portable escape games, we also provide escape games to bigger events and remote playing. 

What are portable escape games?

Portable escape games are a subset of the popular concept of Real life escape games (escape rooms). Real life escape games are puzzle games based on logical problem solving, where the players get to take on the role of an action hero solving an exciting mystery. Portable escape room games are games that can be played in any place you choose, while still experiencing the exciting atmosphere known from traditional escape rooms. 

Where can I play Cryptic Cargo?

You can play Cryptic Cargo wherever you choose! The only thing you need is a surface where you can scatter the game items. Most comfortably this is a table, but the games can be played equally well e.g. on a picnic blanket out in the forest.

Why are Cryptic Cargo portable escape games so much fun?

There are several reasons. Our award winning escape games can be played literally anywhere, in any space, and thanks to our unique Cryptic Cargo app, they truly always feel as exciting as traditional escape games built into a room. Our escape games are designed to take the players to completely new dimensions, as the exciting tasks tickle their gray matter in a storydriven puzzle challenge perfect for team building.

Does Cryptic Cargo do corporate events?

Yes we do! Cryptic Cargo’s portable escape games are a great option for your corporate event.

You can play at the office, various events, or even a company retreat at the cottage. We offer great escape game alternatives to events of 1-500 players and we have several themes with varying lengths, starting from only 5 minutes to up to 1,5 hours. 

One thing that makes Cryptic Cargo portable escape games a great alternative for company events is that you can always choose to either play by yourself, or let a game master take care of everything when it comes to the games. This way you can stay on your budget no matter the size of the organization. 

Our games are available in Finnish and English, and our games let you compete with in-app scores. Events are available everywhere in Finland. 

You can read more in our Corporate events page!

Where is Cryptic Cargo available?

Cryptic Cargo is available everywhere in Finland. We have franchising partners in several cities, and outside these areas you can order a game through delivery to anywhere in Finland. Check out our franchising partners around Finland here. For deliveries to other parts of Finland, buy a giftcard here and send us an email to contact [at] crypticcargo.com to arrange the delivery!

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Where can I find your terms of service and return policy?

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