Welcome to the help center 

On this page you can find frequently asked questions as well as technical help articles to help you with advanced technical questions such as viewing the game from a TV with chromecast, advanced gameplay etc.  

FAQ General

What is Cryptic Cargo?

Cryptic Cargo is an escape room experience that is truly portable and customizable to your needs. Our portable escape room games consist of a suitcase filled with escape room game items, and a smart phone app that delivers hints, soundscape, timer and additional puzzles to your experience. Before starting a game, the app will also take the players through an instructional video to make sure everyone can play the game.

Where does Cryptic Cargo originate from?

Cryptic Cargo is a Finnish innovation, born in Punavuori district in Helsinki. You can read more about our story in a blog post coming up soon! 

Is Cryptic Cargo only an app?

No, Cryptic Cargo is not only an app. The game consists of a smartphone application and a physical game, so you need our escape room suitcase in order to play the game. 

What kinds of games do you have?

We have released our first game, The Outbreak, which is approximately a 1,5h experience. We will however be adding new escape games in the future. If you want to affect the coming themes, subscribe to our mailing list so you receive our surveys, we want to know your opinion! 

What kind of language options do you have?

Our games will be available in Finnish, English and Swedish. All the physical clues are already in all these three languages, but the app is currently only available in English. The new language versions will be added as soon as possible.  

Where is Cryptic Cargo available?

Cryptic Cargo escape room game pick-ups are available in Helsinki, but the games can be taken anywhere. If you would like to play Cryptic Cargo in another city, send us a message and we can discuss the possibility to deliver a game to your event anywhere! 

Do you have tips for escape room first timers?

Playing an escape game for the first time can be a bit confusing, and because of this you can find a blog post that you can read in order to prepare yourself for the game!

Cryptic Cargo games can be played without a timer if you want to have more time to think and solve the game.

How is Cryptic Cargo different from normal escape rooms?

Cryptic Cargo’s escape room games deliver a quality immersive escape room experience wherever you need without a higher cost than a regular escape room. Cryptic Cargo games consist of all the different important parts of a genuine escape room, including an immersive soundscape, physical puzzles and varied tasks, timer and a working hint delivery system. What the games don’t include is an actual room. If you want, you can however decorate the game area as you want to add extra immersion! 

FAQ Store

I can't order games to different dates in the same order. What should I do?

If you want to order games to different dates, you will need to make separate reservations to the different dates to make sure you will get the games without problems from the pick-up locations. 

Can I choose home delivery?

A home delivery option will be added as soon as possible, but it’s not currently available in the store. If you want a home delivery, please contact us so we can fix it for you. 

My game code didn't arrive with the purchase confirmation, is everything ok?

No worries, everything is okay. The game code will arrive before your reservation in a separate email.