Become a pick-up partner

Do you have a central location in Helsinki metropolitan area, and would like to get more customers coming in through your door? We are currently looking for partners in the Helsinki area to add to our network of partners! Your task is to give out and receive our escape game suitcases to customers, we handle all the rest. You get to enjoy scoring new customers with every pick-up! Our ideal partner has a business that our customers are also interested to spend money in. 

What are the benefits of partnership?

Our partners will be presented on our website as well as Cryptic Cargo’s social media channels. We can also provide cross-marketing and coupons to your services or products straight to our customers to increase your sales! We want to increase our partners’ sales. Think for instance customers who want to leave the escape game suitcase back during the evening, why wouldn’t they like to toast for the amazing experience at the same time?

What are the partners' roles?

The partners will be responsible for storing the suitcases before pick-up and after drop-off. The main task is giving out and receiving the suitcases. Everything else concerning the Cryptic Cargo Experience will be handled by us. This means you won’t be responsible for checking what all is in the suitcases, assembling games and neither do you need to report us if someone doesn’t bring the suitcase back on time. The pick-ups are handled easily through a web-based application specially designed to our partners. Just check which suitcase to give from the application and check it back into the system when customers bring it back. The app works through a browser on any device: mobile, tablet or a desktop computer. No download needed!

Who is an ideal partner?

We want to create value for our partners, as well as our end-customers. Because of this, our ideal partner is someone who is centrally located, and whose customer encounters are relatively short. The best partners have fast moving products that our customers could want to have before, during or after an evening of escape game fun. We see that especially cafés, bars, take-away restaurants and game stores could greatly benefit from a partnership!

How do I become a partner?

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please drop us a message at contact[ at ] Let’s discuss more by e-mail, phone, or face-to-face, whichever works best for you!

Cryptic Cargo Franchising 

Are you interested in adding an easy addition to your existing business that brings both new customers and more money to you? We are looking for franchising partners around Finland! 


Our ideal franchising partner is someone who already has a location and an existing business, and is looking for new ways to make money on top of the existing business. 


Being a franchising partner doesn’t require big investments in learning a new trade, using much time or money. We provide and design all games, and handle infrastructure and other needed tools online. Your tasks around the games are simple and can be handled alongside your own business. Most importantly you will be taking care of the end-customers and handling the physical suitcases in your city.   

Interested? Drop us an email in contact [at] and we’ll be happy to tell you all about it!