Escape room in a pub

Cold quality drinks and good friends solving escape room puzzles together. Sounds great, right? That’s what we thought, and this is why Cryptic Cargo is bringing the first escape rooms played in a pub whenever you want to Finland!

You can play our first escape room game, The Outbreak in two locations of the restaurant chain Kalaravintolat: in Leijuva Lahna in Kamppi and in Punavuoren Ahven in Punavuori. You are allowed to drink, eat and take photos during the game.

How does it work?

The escape games are played in the restaurant cabinets, and to play, you generally need a booking for the cabinet. You can also walk in and ask if the game and cabinet is available. 

  1. Contact the restaurant to book a time slot in the cabinet. Tell the restaurant that you want to play Cryptic Cargo during your booking. You will not be charged for other things than the game price (like rental fee) that otherwise can occur. 
  2. Come to the pub during your booking, you will pay the game price straight at the counter of the restaurant. You will be asked to sign the terms of the game to ensure that all the game items are left back unharmed.
  3. Have fun!
  4. After your game you can ask a member of the staff to take the game out of your hands. 

Contact Leijuva Lahna
tel. 050 563 6433

Contact Punavuoren Ahven
tel. 050 4477569

Read more about the cabinets

Game Packages and pricing

There are several different options for you to choose from to your game. The prices are valid during cabinet bookings in Punavuoren Ahven and Leijuva Lahna and include VAT.

Alternative 1:

1 escape game in the cabinet (maximum time 2h).

Price: 80€

We recommend this alternative if you have 2-6 people who want to play. You are allowed to be a bigger group too, but if everyone wants to play it might be slightly less exciting and not as much to do for every player.

Alternative 2:

2 escape games in the cabinet, played after each other (you get to have the game throughout your cabinet booking, estimated time needed 3-4h).

Price: 120€

We recommend this alternative if you want to split your group in two smaller teams and let the teams play the game after each other. This is great if you want to have a tournament and see which group is the escape game champion! You will rebuild the game yourself after the first game or you may hire a game master at an extra cost to do this for you.

Alternative 3 (Only available in Punavuoren Ahven):

2 escape games played at the same time in the cabinet (maximum time 2h) and a game master who takes care of your group (1h)

Price: 210 €

This alternative gives you a possibility to save time and play two games at the same time in the cabinet! The groups might get small hints from each other as the separate game areas are in the same room and thus not soundproof.

This alternative is not always available so the sooner you book, the better.

*The prices mentioned in this blog-post are subject to change

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